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Interior door scratches

best way to fix scratches on interior door panels

SEM makes a spray dye for vinyl that works very well. I’ve even used it to refresh interior leather and also on a vinyl top. A variety of colors available to match. I got mine from Atrim in Oklahoma where they stock all types of upholstery supplies. To match the color though it is best to buy the color swatches or you can send them a sample. Just like a paint, remove the panel, mask any areas not to be colored, and an even coat and will look like new.

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I’m wondering if those are scratches, or the plastic deteriorating from sunlight.
If not scratches, you might try Gummi Pflege
Has literally made dashboards and other soft plastics, like trim/gaskets around windows, look and act like new for me.

Try rubbing a a tiny bit of ordinary cooking (vegetable) oil on a small inconspicuous area. Won’t solve the problem, but might well help the appearance quite a bit.