Interior car panel loose

The interior panel on my car has come loose (by driver footwell side) after getting a reverse camera fitted.

Any advise on how to fix it (when I hook it back in place it just comes out again)

Help greatly appreciated

Looks Like it is broken to me, is so getting a new piece could be an option.


It also looks like a right hand drive.

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Pull back the panel and check what type of fasteners are used.


It’s right hand drive.
There are 2 little black bits that protrude from it that look like they should slide/click in but does not secure and just falls out within seconds

it looks like someone tried silicone on it in the past to hold it. pull the rubber molding around the door opening back. then slip the tabs behind the molding and push the rubber bolding back on and see if it will hold it.


I expect what’s going on is that part has been removed several times over the years, and the edges of the plastic tabs have worn to a point they no longer hold the panel in place. You might be able to use some sort of glue to affix it in place, but then it might be impossible to remove it without breaking the tabs. But given you may have to buy that part anyway, a little glue on the edges of the tabs is probably worth a try. I’d probably use either a quick setting clear epoxy, or maybe a contact cement designed for plastic. Be sure to thoroughly clean everything the glue is supposed to adhere to first. Another idea, figure out a way to make the slots in the metal a little narrower. If time is your key resource problem, suggest to just buy another one and be done w/it.