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Integra Mileage Advice

We are looking at a 98 Ingreaga GS-R that has 190000 miles on it. It seems to be well maintained, but what kind of mileage might be expected at this point? That is, do people regularly see 250000 or…can we expect alot of problems.

This car has a very long built-in life expectancy. Like Hondas, you can expect up to 300,000 miles of life with good mainntenance. Keep in mind that those long life cars still need struts, radiator, water pump, timing belts, brake jobs, and other wear items replaced. But this is always cheaper than buying a new car.

Good luck!

It all depends on its previous life in owners maintenance and owners driving habits. Don’t expect it to be trouble free by any means.

Both of the preceding replies are correct. I would add one more suggestion. Take the car to a competent, independent shop for a thorough inspection. Get their opinion about the overall condition of the car and whether it’s worth the asking price. That will enable you to reject the real junkers. However, you should be aware that, with this many miles and years, even a car that has been well maintained and not abused may require some surprise repairs.

My guess is somewhere around 100K that car needed the big expensive maintenance that includes timing belt/ water pump replacement, and now at 190K its do for it all over again. At this point the owner maybe avoiding this cost by getting rid of it. You definitely need to know the maintenance history of this car. BTW what is the asking price