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Intake Cleaning

I have a 2009 Kia Spectra with 60k miles. Earlier today while I was getting my oil changed, the mechanic suggested that I get an intake cleaning where they would clean the carbon out of the intake and flush a solution through it and the motor to remove carbon buildup.

He said that it would improve my gas mileage. Is this a necessary service and will it improve my mpg or is this just a sales pitch for a $69.95 service that I don’t really need ?

They have a machine the major purpose of which is making themselves money. It won’t do thing for your car. Were you at a fast lube place? Don’t use them. When in doubt open your owner’s manual to the “maintenance schedule” section.

You can clean the throttle valve with some spray Gumout and a $5 can of Seafoam. I’ve done it once or twice but not really necessary unless you have some symptoms. Don’t let anyone dump anything in the oil though to clean out carbon or it’ll likely cause severe wear on the engine.

Lemme guess… Iffy Lube, right?

A 60K mile car that can’t be more than two years old hasn’t stood still long enough to carbon up. My guess is you drive a lot of highway miles. Forget about it.

99% of the time, a waste of money. Only if you are having problems (rough idle, hesitation) should you consider this. NEVER from an oil change place.

Ask your mechanic if a product called BG-44K was to be used to perform this service…Few cars actually NEED this deposit cleaning but if you feel you do, you can buy the 44K at many parts stores for around $20. You can get it online too (eBay)…For $6-$8 Chevron Techron works almost as good, but few cars need it…

[i] the mechanic suggested that I get an intake cleaning [/i] 

If that was a fast lube place that was no mechanic, it was a salesman on commission that doubles as a oil changer. 

Read through a number of messages here and you will find why we warn drivers to avoid all the quick lube places.  Don't even drive in there to get directions.