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Insurance says my car is worth MORE!

I have Essurance. I recently hit a deer going 60 MPH. I took vehicle to the insurance companies’'s recommended body shop. They quoted 4 k to fix…but they missed a lot of things…that I can obviously see wrong …and the also want to fix a crumpled hood. Anyway…I see my car is worth average trade in value 3825. They say car is worhth 6450. No way! I am not a dealer…I could not sell this car outight for that much…
So 2 questions. What number does the insurance company have to use to determine value of the car? ( I am in Indiana) and second. …do I have to use their body shop? I think the costs are going to be more extensive.
Have already called insurance company…try won’t tell me how they got the number they did.

No you don’t need to use the recommended body shop but your chance of solving problems after the repair is much better. All you care about is getting the vehicle fixed.

“and the also want to fix a crumpled hood” Not sure what you mean here.

Trade in value is what a dealer would give you in trade for your car . . . that’s the 3825

The 6450 is probably what a dealer would charge YOU to buy the car from his used car lot

As for that hood, I don’t know what it looks like, but you generally want to replace it, not straighten it

My mom’s car got t-boned a few months ago. The body shop wound up replacing both doors, even though one of them had only minor damage. It’s often more cost effective to simply replace and repaint a new part, versus the labor involved in straightening something

I suggest you use a body shop which is approved by your insurance. That way, if anything goes wrong, your insurance is in your corner, fighting for you to make things right

Can you get a check for the damages and turn the car over? If so do it!


This is the first time I’ve heard anyone complain about an insurance company saying their car is worth more then what the owner thinks it’s worth.
Cars value for insurance claims is based on average retail value. I don’t see anything but good coming out of this.

Tell the insurance company what the body shop missed, and let them know what recommended repairs you have a problem with. Frame it more as a question, asking why certain items weren’t included in the repair quote. If they insist on repairing the hood, do it and then decide after repair if the fix is acceptable. If you want your auto insurer to pay for the work, you have to trust them. You can always refuse delivery if anything is undone or not done to your standards later. Just make sure that your standards are reasonable.

I think the OP wants the vehicle totaled and just receive a check rather than repaired.

If the insurance totals your car they have to pay you fair market value in a way that you can replace the same car and that would usually be buying from a dealer. Your insurance is not expecting you to go over all the craigslist ads to find a good deal on the same car, hence the $6K valuation.

If you think this car is not going to be fixed properly and you are not going to be happy or feel safe, then try and get the cash. Question is if you can find a decent replacement with that money.