Instrument panel lights

Is there a lamp, bulb, that illuminates the heater/fan controls on the dash of a 1988 Bronco II?

there should be. not too fimiliar with these models. has it worked before? it’ll be a bitty bulb, 'bout a 194, 168, or smaller.

I had a '65 chevelle that I was detailing and i took apart the gear indicator off of the steering column and whoa! there was a silver bulb, blown no doubt! i changed it and fell in love with another green light at night. then was working on heater controls, almost under dash, and yes, whoa! another silver bulb. none of these ever lit up to let me know they were there. I changed it and had another pretty green light to admire at night. needless to say I scoured the chevelle for more. there was none. but it was brighter with more green lights!

I love instrumentation from 40+ years ago

good luck partner!

Thanks for the information. I will “dig” around under the dash to see if I can find any blown bulbs. A bit more light at night would be grand.