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Instrument cluster

How does one change the instrument cluster on a 1997 ford explorer ?

One locates a service manual or some other form of instructional guidance and follows the steps. The trim between the cluster and the steering wheel must be removed to access the cluster. I don’t know the exact steps for an Explorer.

I’ve never changed one on an Explorer but many vehicles require the steering wheel be removed and/or the steering column be dropped.
I would advise that you learn how to disable the SRS system because you do not want to get a face full of airbag if there was an accidental discharge. Some Fords can be disabled by removing a fuse and others require a special tool. It’s unknown to me what year a tool was required.

I’ve never done a Ford, but on an '89 Toyota you’ll need to pop some trim pieces, remove 4.7 billion screws (4.5 billion of which are hidden), remove the entire plastic front piece from the dash, disconnect the speedo cable at the tranny, remove the cluster screws, slide the cluster forward, disconnect the speedo cable at the cluster, then remove the cluster. Then call your chiropractor.

Start by getting a manual. And stretching.

Oh, and unlike OK4450’s cars, you wouldn’t need to remove the steering wheel.

Geez! Have fun!


Ya know? Now that I re-read the procedures, you may get away with just removing the trim panel from in front of the instrument cluster, and removing the screws that hold the instrument cluster in the dash without removing all that other stuff?