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Instrument cluster cleaning

Hello fellow cartalkers…
What is the best way to clean the plastic face of the gauges from dust without scratching them? Wipes, or canned air in the bottle?
Any advice appreciated…

What does your owner’s manual say? It usually would be a soft cloth, slightly moist. These plastics get scratched very easily. Every used car that I have bought has a bit of these scratches. So be gentle with it.

Thanks g.
Yeah according the manual soft cloth etc.
I started on a side gauge, barely touched it and started to scratch… That is why asking if anybody knows a better method…

You can use Meguire’s Plastix on it too to polish and restore the plastic. Might want to try the micro fiber cloth for cleaning though.

@ B.
Thanks I will give it a try.

If yours is easy to remove (you didn;t mention what you drive) you could always remove it and wash it under the faucet with dishwashing detergent.

The best bet for removing dust from the plastic without scratching it is to use a Swiffer Duster.
This contraption is sort of a high-tech version of the old feather dusters, but it differs in that it attracts and holds the dust, while putting almost no pressure on the plastic.

Unlike microfiber cloths–which DO put pressure on that easily-scratched clear plastic, you won’t have this problem if you use a Swiffer Duster. If you visualize a bunch of fuzzy paper fingers attached to a small wand, you will get the product concept. You just barely touch the plastic as you attract and remove the dust with this product.

After I get the dust off of the clear plastic gauge fascia, then I use the Swiffer Duster on the top of the dashboard and other hard areas of the interior. Then–into the trash it goes, along with the dust.

After removing the slightly abrasive dust, then you can use liquid or aerosol products to complete the clean-up process.

@ tsm thanks for the suggestion. I did not mention make or model because I run into this issue on multiple vehicles. I double checked it and unfortunately it id not easy to remove…
@ V.
You might into something… I will sneak away one of the dusters from the pantry…

I use the glasses cleaning solution that I purchased in the optical department of WalMart to clean both my eye glasses and the dust from the plastic lens on the instrument cluster. My eye glasses have plastic lenses, so I figured that it should be safe on the instrument panel as well.