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Clouds on my speedo

Does anyone know how to remove the clouding that results from glass cleaner sprayed on the plastic window over the speedometer?

Its irritating to have look through the clouded window to read all the instruments. My car is a 1995 Mercedes SL500.

Please advise!

Look for some plastic polish at your auto parts store. Hopefully you can buff it up a little. You might have to pull the cluster and hit it with some kind of polisher.

Wax over it and it could take care of it. I used spray wax once. Spray it on the cloth.

Cloudiness on the inside of the instrument cluster can only be corrected by pulling the cluster out of the dashboard and removing the 5 main gauges attached to the plastic cluster frame. With the gauges removed you can reach inside the cluster and clean the display window. Use a lint-free microfiber detailing cloth with plastic cleaner rather than an aerosol glass cleaner. With a little patience, it can be cleaned adequately well. Chances are, though, if you’ve been using household window cleaner on the window, the plastic cluster will also be somewhat deteriorated on the outside from the ammonia or isopropyl alcohol in these aerosol window cleaners. If you’ll be keeping the car for a while and if the deterioration bothers you, replacement cluster frames are available from MBz for about $225.