Instead of the 24 Hours at LeMans race

… I present the 24 Hours of Lemons race, in NJ!
In order to qualify, the total cost for your race car and its preparation can’t exceed $500.

Close, but not quite correct. The car and the junk you buy to get it running can’t exceed $500 but the safety gear, tires, brakes are exempt from that. A good roll cage will cost you $2500 and more. A good race seat is $350. Re-freshed brakes $500, new tires $800 and more.

They try keep the cost down but not harm you!

They encourage bribing the tech inspectors with food, liquor to allow cheaty things like superchargers. They also like team “themes” including costumes for the crew.

And it isn’t the only one; Similar rules but less whimsical than LeMons

South Jersey? How do they keep the officials from confusing the race cars from the citizens’ cars? :grin:

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Looks like a lot of fun. Wayne Carini dedicated an episode to a race with the same name in California. He took one of the judges to buy a car for the race. Carini went to this race several years running. I smiled a lot during that show.

They’ll be close to July at the ridge Motorsports park near Shelton, might go check it out, $30 for a spectator pass for the weekend.