Central New Jersey Body work needed

I have an '86 Mercedes 560SL. It runs great and I love it. It recently ‘sprouted’ two small rust spots, which I want to take care of (before they are BIG rust spots. A visit to a couple of body shops here and I know I have a problem. They would need to remove the entire panel. Too many $$$ needed, and they aren’t sure they could get the parts anyway.
Can anyone point me to someone who can do this work, for less than an arm AND a leg?
I was actually approached by someone a few months back, who offered to do the work for ~$250, but I managed to lose his number. Is this feasible?

Any advice is welcome. Hope someone can help!

Thank you, David

I agree that central New Jersey definitely needs some work.

what parts do they need to repair small rust spots?

I’m pointing at you if you want it done cheap. Depending on where it is, the proper way is to cut the rust out and weld in new patches, then fill, and finish. The cheap way is to cut out the rust and do a fiberglass patch. Maybe a guy doing work on the side. I had a winshied put in for $20 once by a body guy that did side work.

I agree that it can be done with a steel or fiberglass patch, and the cost will be different.
So that opens up the followup question - How good is the fiberglass repair? Will I notice a difference once it’s all patched, sanded and painted?
Also, has anyone worked with someone who did this work and what was your experience?

I found many options on Craigslist, but would prefer to work with someone that came with some recommendations.

The reason likely for removing panel is to see what is actually happening. It could be a disaster behind there or minor.

My guess is cheaper repairs involve covering up the rust best as possible and hoping you don’t return. Or they give no guarentees on longevity.

I have a 2007 Acura that had slip shot body work done to a door panel(replaced). They did not do all the prep work and tehn it had minor damage last year from a scrape. The body shop person mentioned it may not hold and guess what, the door panel is rusting at bottom.

Clean car fax on vehicle in 2011 but I bought it at wholesale pricing from a private owner who clearly “knew” a guy to do body work. Be wary.