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Installing New Hatch Seal

When putting on a new hatch seal on my 2002 Sienna, do anyone know which one of the orientation color dots isssupposed to be top center? There are two blue dots, one white and one pink dots. The white and pink dots are 180° from each other but the blue dots are a little different. I suspect that the white and pink are for the top and bottom center alignment but I don’t know which is for which.

The only indicator are an indentation at the top, center and the lock mechanism. On the side is the turn.

I bought a new hatch seal, part# 67881-08020, which is a update for the 67881-08010, the original part.

Yours might be more complicated than any I have installed which always fell into place by starting at the upper corners and then across the top,then moving downward from one angle to the next.

Actually it is very easy to install, just align the dots and push, the seal comes with a butyl sealant already in the groove. I just don’t know to what do I align the dots.

It’s a closed loop that looks like it is the same all the way around which if that’s the case then it doesn’t matter where I start but it has those marking that tend to say that it does matter.