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Installation of accessories outside of dealership

I am planning to buy the Civic 2013 EX-L online through penfed because I get a good rate on financing:…_id=ZPEN000005
Now, I won’t be able to get any accessories installed with the online purchase.

And I wanted to have Body Side Moldings, Auto Day/Night Mirror and Wheel Locks installed.

Would it be possible to have these accessories installed outside of dealership from some reputed shop.
If somebody could recommend any such auto shop which deals with the installation of accessories in the Austin, TX area, then that would be great. I can buy the accessories online it seems from The dealer is charging me $750 extra for these three accessories [cost+installation].


@shubh Here’s something to consider.

Those accessories will not be covered under the new car warranty, because the car wasn’t originally equipped with them. They will most likely only be covered for 1 year.

I suspect that a competent independent shop will be able to install those accessories for a lower cost, provided you bring them the parts. If you let them buy the parts, they may very well mark them up. The independent shop’s labor rate is also likely to be significantly lower.

I will only add that if the installation of any of those accessories cause any problem at all, directly or indirectly, your factory warranty will not pay for it; and rightfully so.