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Inside windshield problem

I have a 2010 Subaru Forester and lately - it has on occasion had moisture on the inside of windshield - at the center and about 6 in. up and about 10 in wide. At first it was just moisture, but now has become something hard to wipe off with just my hand. The dealer has no clue. I had a bad heater core in a car years ago, could this be a similar problem.

Sure sounds like it. Any sweet odor?


No, but I’ll check that out, allergies prevent me from smelling almost anything.

There is every reason for me to believe your car is still under warranty. I ask if you put this car in for service with the report on the repair order reading something like "customer says windshield is frequently covered with…and then you have the Service Advisor attach a document with the position marked where you are finding this “moisture”. Once you have the report in the Subaru warranty system you are in a better position if and when this situation gets worse, and it is almost for sure that it will get worse.

This is probably a leaking heater core. Get it fixed soon, as it’s bad to breathe in coolant fumes for long. In fact, this could even be aggravating your allergy issues.

I this an unusual problem for such a new car?

Keep going back to the dealer and document everything. The car is under warranty. If there is a problem with the heater core (unlikely, but possible) they will fix it.

Don’t give up.

Make sure the HVAC controls are not set in the “recirculate” position.

Yes, coolant leakage at any place in this new of a vechicle is very unusual. A mechanic should keep it in mind when searching for the cause of your sympton but he should not let the “newness” of your vehicle push him into making decisions based on an “that can not possibly be happening on a vehicle this new” mindset, this would bean error on the mechanics part.

Are you using the fresh air input and A/C with the Defrost? Do not use the recylced air. The AC removes the moisture.

Thanks for the advice, I think you all have found a solution to my problem.!

Some cars will automatically select the recirc option if you use the Max AC or Max Heat settings, so you might not have realized it if you weren’t paying attention.