Information about Shipping a car

I need to ship my daughter’s car from MA to TX. I am looking for a reliable company to do that, and since she is going to away for several month, it doesn’t matter how long it takes for them to deliver the car.

The companies I have found over the internet are charging over $800. Is that a reasonable price? Can anybody recommend me one? Thanks in advance.

That price seems in the ballpark. You need to ship it when there is someone at the other end to receive it and sign off that no damage caused by the shipper. You might consider driving it to TX and taking a plane, train, or bus home.

If you have time you might be able to find a student, friend, or relative who needs to get to TX that can drive the car one way for you.

DAS shipped a Mercedes Benz I bought in CA to CO without problems and priced right.


DAS doesn’t screw everything up but they have had a bad reputation for some years now.
Their BBB rating is F so do your homework on this before contracting with anyone.