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Info on 2006 Audi

My Corolla was just totaled and I need to buy a larger car. The Outback appeals to

me but they go fast in MN and I hate the new bland colors. There is a 2006 Audi with 17,000 miles. I’ve heard maintenance

costs are high. Any other suggestions? I have dogs and need something bigger than the Corolla. Price range to $22,000.

Look at new cars, for that much money go for the warranty!

New Forester would be an option.

In that price range, a Hyundai Elantra Touring can be had brand new

…but be sure to take an extended test drive in that Elantra Touring model. Recently two different folks commented in this forum about the very unpleasant and rough riding characteristics of that model.

Nothing like these will be as economical or as trouble-free as your Corolla was. Look at all the postings on this site about Subarus and Audis. Many, many issues beyond just maintenance.

If you see a car you like, research it in Consumer Reports Car Buying Guide (at your library.)

2011 Hyundai Tuscon

Have you considered the VW Rabbit/Golf/GTI?
Bigger than the Corolla, hatchbacks, more comfortable, and have free servicing for the first 36k miles. Right in your price range, too.


Spend the first $10 of that $22,000 on a Consumer Reports New Car Preview from the local bookstore and test drive the ones that look good to you. We all have different tastes.

A slightly large sedan like a Camry, Accord, Malibu or Fusion could work for you. All can be had new at $22,000. Dealers want to clear out the 2010 model cars. There should be deals on them.