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Infiniti Q45 1999 a/c compressor is messed up

I am having problems with my a/c compressor and don’t have the cash flow to buy a new one. I was told since it runs off its own belt I can leave it off along with the tensioner pulley. Has anyone done this with there Q? If so please let me know asap, I really need to put it back together to get mobound again thanks.

If your Q has its own drive belt…sure you can leave it off… Nothing wrong with that. We do this kind of stuff all the time…when we the situation allows. The Compressor has an electromagnetic clutch on the front of it…it “freewheels” until power is supplied to the field coil. It should be able to freewheel damn near forever…if the internals are seized up… Just dont energize the field coil.

Now if you lost the ability to freewheel…AND it has its own drive belt…sure leave it off till you are able to deal with it…if ever. No harm…no foul.

See if unplugging the compressor allows it to freewheel…if so…no change other than that…But to reduce parasitic power loss…the belt removal is even better…

Your only worry would be if you had ONE belt and u wanted to take the compressor out of the loop… Then it gets a little more complex…but in your situation w a separate drive belt… No worries…


Unplugging the compressor is the best advice you can get. Blackbird is right.

Whooo Hooo… What do I win? Oh yeah… I dont win anything :frowning: HAHA

Thanks I already have the compressor out part of the old bearing is stuck I the pulley not to sure how to get it out without messing up the pulley it’s a thin peace so I’m going to leave it off for now

If you have the compressor disconnected…you are now contaminating the dryer in the system…it will also need replaced if you want the AC to work.

AC systems are NOT serviceable by the regular mechanic…it takes very specialized equipment to ensure its performing properly… Now that you have the system open and exposed to the atmosphere…the dryer will become contaminated.

An AC shop would proceed here by replacing the compressor…Evacuating the system…Pulling a Vacuum in the system…then Recharging the system with gas and lubricant. Not many people have that equipment…and those who try to do this service themselves? It never works out… Been there…Done that…lessons learned.

You could do the physical part replacements yourself maybe…THEN take it to an AC shop to cut costs…but even then…its not ideal since the dryer is sensitive to the atmospheric conditions of humidity…you could foul your new dryer before you get to the AC place…


The hose that went to the compressor to the condenser do I plug that hole?

You plug any and all holes exposed…and even then things arent ensured…

Thanks for the info I have never used the a/c anyway so I’ll probably just leave it out