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Infiniti Powere steering repair

We have a 2006 Infiniti M35 that we purchased new in April 2005 with 70,000 on it. The dealer discovered a small fluid seep and tells me the only option is to replace the entire rack and pinion unit. Is this true? What other options are available?

Go to the parts store and purchase a bottle of this.

Follow the instructions on the bottle and it will stop the leak.


It really depends on where the seep is? One option is do nothing. When the seep becomes a drip then worry about it. It is very easy to add a bit of power steering fluid every couple of months.

How long do you plan to keep the car? Do you live in a salted streets in winter climate? I had a ps leak issue, rusted ps lines. The cure in a bottle softens up the o-rings etc, works for many a long while, but then the deteriorated condition of the rubber parts swelled up with additives leads to a complete failure. If they can guarentee it is the o-rings, some independant mechanic may be able to replace the lines with orings, cheaper than a rack and pinion.

Conclusion get a second opinion from a repuable mechanic,

does it leave a spot on the driveway ?
Do you add fluid now and then ?
If not wait a bit . .because . .seeping IS how seals stay lubricated !
Yes, that’s planned . .to a point.
Imagine if it were dry rubber on steel rotating parts ? You’d soon have a melted seal.
So . .
analyze the amount, if any, of fluid loss from the ‘‘seep’’.
This known design of seals is a common UP-sale trick of many shops thinking that the customer will freak.
YOU, however, are doing great with additional research first.

The dealer is not in the rack and pinion rebuilding business so their only option is replacement . As the others say if it just seepage and not losing a lot of fluid just keep an eye on it. You can search for a place that does rebuild racks and go from there.

The 2006 Infinity was already on sale in April of 2005?

I agree with Tester about giving the stop leak a shot. If that doesn’t stop it then rack replacement is the next step. Rebuilding them is seldom feasible; either mechanically or economically.

On occassion I’ve torn into racks and there were always reasons why it wasn’t worth it. Usually scratches on the rack or grooves worn into the pinion housing was an idea killer.

The pinion housing could be bored and a stainless sleeve installed but that just adds to the money pile and by the time a seal kit, new inner tie rods, and dust boots are added in the total comes up to more than the cost of a reman unit.

The 2006 Infinity was already on sale in April of 2005?

From WikIpedia:

In the United States, for regulation purposes, government authorities allow cars of a given model year to be sold starting on January 1 of the previous calendar year. For example, this means that a 2017 model year vehicle can legally go on sale on January 1, 2016.
The 2006 Infinity was already on sale in April of 2005?

The First Ford Explorer was model year 1991. Went on sale in March of 1990.