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Infiniti G35 Chugging, loss of power, and stalling

My son bought a G35 with 157K miles. We are experiencing chugging, loss of power and ultimately the car stalls after driving about 100 yards. It now is having a hard time turning over and keeping power. Any ideas on what could be happening here? Would it be safe or even worthwhile to try a fuel injection cleaner to at least get it running in order to get to a mechanic? Sorry I have little knowledge of cars and could really use the help.

I doubt any easy, pour out of the bottle procedure is going to fix the problem. The trouble might be with fuel pump or related to the fuel pressure. Have it checked out. If the trouble isn’t within the fuel delivery system then I would check out the ignition system along with the valve timing. The MAF sensor operation is another thing to look into. Check the engine ECU for any error codes that may help provide some clues to trouble, especially if the check engine light is ON.

The only way to proceed is to have it towed to an independent mechanic.

Yeah, that’s the plan. I was just trying to get an idea of what the issue might be and potential cost.

History? You bought it this way?

Just bought from someone we know and had it inspected by a mechanic we have gone to for 15 years. 2005 with 157K miles.

There’s no way to even guess without being “hands on”

Could be a faulty camshaft/crankshaft position sensor, clogged exhaust, or failing fuel pump. This is exactly what happened with my 1995 Caravan (4-cylinder) when the fuel pump went bad. Do you DIY, or is this going to a shop for diagnosis?

Definitely going to the shop. Spoke to previous owner who now says this was occurring in the spring and apparently their mechanic replaced the alternator at the time. Ugh. Thanks everyone. Happy Thanksgiving…