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Induction service

Have a 2005 Toyota Camry that accidentally had diesel fuel placed instead of regular/unleaded gas. Car had to be towed

to a Toyota dealer where they said that a induction service was needed ($650). I have read a previous discussion regarding a Honda. I know the dealer wants to make money, so without having the car towed to another place, can I request the dealer to pump out the diesel fuel and replace with the correct gas? Thank you for your answering.

Did you try to start the car after putting in diesel? Did it stall? If so, you do have to have the fuel system cleaned out. If not, you might get by with a drain and fill of the gas tank. Since this car is out of warranty, the dealer should be willing to try that out, I would think.

Agreed. Everything depends on whether or not you tried to start the car after the mistake. If not, just drain the tank and have the fuel pump run enough to fill a separate quart jar with output. Reattach the fuel line and you should be good to go.

If you have attempted to run the engine after pumping diesel, you have a greater problem.

I did not do this personally just going by what was told to me from a friend… nevertheless, yes, the car did not start hours later after gas was placed in. So you’re saying if the car stalled I will need to get the service done?

If it won’t start after the diesel was drained and with a fresh tank of gas, then yes, you need the entire fuel system cleaned out. I don’t know if $650 is a good price, but it is needed.

Thanks Tex. I should be getting a response sometime later from the friend.

You don’t need to spend that much to clean the fuel system of the diesel fuel.

Remove the fuel pump relay. Disconnect the fuel return hose to the gas tank from the fuel rail. Substitute another hose on the fuel rail and point it into a container. Insert a jumper wire on the secondary side of the fuel pump relay socket. This will cause fuel pump to run continuously. Run the fuel pump until all the diesel fuel is pumped out and nothing but gasoline goes into the container. Reconnect the fuel return hose and reinstall the fuel pump relay.


Did almost exactly this on a 03 Mustang not too long ago. Worked like a champ. Cost us nothing, as we had plenty of hose and other things hanging about to use.

Started and ran rough, oh, for about 3 minutes. Cleared up after that, and runs great now.

Only hard part was getting rid of the unusable fuel mix.

You can get rid of the mix by using it 1/2 gallon at a time…

I can’t understand this…A Diesel fuel nozzle will not fit in a 2005 Camry…Perhaps the fuel was siphoned out of a diesel-powered vehicle unknowingly and then poured into the Toyota?

I had the same question. This situation should have been impossible. Are you sure it was diesel and not E-85, which some people confuse with diesel because the pump handle is yellow?

Since I was not there and hearing what took place it might have been ehthanol. This happened at a BP station and I use BP myself and I don’t remember seeing a pump for E-85. Thanks for the response shadow.