Induction Flush and Transmission Flush Services


I just had my car in for servicing.I have a 2002 Mercury Sable wagon and was told I needed to have an Induction Flush and a Transmision flush. My car has 44,000 miles on it. Are these services needed?


Not only are these services unneeded, they are unrecommended. Same for the brake flush offer. Let the service manager find some other way to meet his boat payment.


I would respectfully suggest that you find a new place to have your car serviced. These procedures, on a vehicle with only 44k, are almost always unnecessary and only serve to pad the bill to a major extent.

In fact, a transmission flush can actually be harmful if it is not done by someone competent. Avoid this place in the future.


The only thing being “flushed” is your wallet…


The transmission might be due for transmission service at 30K under the severe service schedule. 60K is probably the normal schedule. Induction flush, I have never seen that on a service schedule. Check your car’s schedule, you will learn a lot from that and the owner manual. Above all, find a shop that you can trust. Ask friends and associates. You should be able to drop you car off, come back and pay the money that they ask for and go away without a second thought. Such places do exist.


I would also suggest finding a new place for service. Under normal conditions they would not be needed. The place to find those things that should be done can be found in your owner’s manual Often a transmission service may be recommended (I prefer a drain, replace filter and fluid service.)

I would disagree with Steve this time on the brake fluid change. A five year old car is really due for it. Generally every three to five years. Brake fluid will absorb water and under some conditions it can cause a loss of braking power. Check your manual and see what it says about that one. I would tend to want it replaced even if they don’t mention it.