Increasing insurance premiums (liability only)


No harm to shop around for another company. It sounds like you’d be a customer that insurance companies would want to have, what w/never any claims. Generally the ways to get lower car insurance rates (among things you have control over)

  • get you other insurance from that company too, like homeowner’s insurance, insurance on other cars, etc
  • ask if they have a discount for driving less than a certain number of miles per year.
  • make sure the companies you inquire with know you’ve never filed a claim in 48 years.
  • ask for the policy that has the lowest rate, which likely won’t include comprehensive, collision, etc. don’t buy features you don’t need in other words.
  • avoid traffic citations
  • If you or family members have some military background, phone USAA and see if you qualify for their plans


Here’s the thing George, Agents get a commission on their initial policy sales, then they get a smaller percentage of the insurance policies on the books. So a $100 policy will not be very attractive compared to a guy spending a couple thousand with a couple cars with full coverage, a home owners policy, a boat, and a couple million umbrella. Just sayin’.


Yeah, you may have something there. I’ve never filed a claim either, yet my insurance agent doesn’t seem overly eager to keep my business.


If there was it’s probably gone by now. That was almost 20 years ago. The company is still around and doing quite well.