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In the market for a new riding mower?

See what Honda has to offer.

I wonder what it costs?

Anything’s possible with enough money.

Yeah, clearly advertising. But fun, though.

I want one.

But does it have a cup holder? Curiously I started looking a little bit yesterday to see what’s out there in anticipation that my 16 year old one will need replacing at some point. Can’t find anything in red that has the features I want.

You could park it next to your V10 motorcycle…

Seriously though, wouldn’t it be fun to pull up next to some kid in a Mustang or similar and dust them with a mower? lol

Cup holder? Anything in your cup would be vaporized by the vibrations.

Why look for a Mustang? That’s small change. The mower would eat Shelby’ 500s, Corvettes, Vipers, Ferraris; you name it.

I would absolutely, and proudly, mow my lawn with that thing.

Right now it takes me almost 2 hours…with that thing I can cut it down to about 10 minutes.

Chevy 350 plus stroker kit

I would miss the mulching and bagging option.

The article didn’t say anything about mulching. You can probably still do that, but at higher speeds I’ve found that mulching suffers. My pedestrian walk-behind needs time to slice up grass clippings. @dagosa, you gonna get one? You could park it in the barn next to your Kubota. You can ring the lake in no time! :wink:

Oh, I could get one OK. It would be a real “gas”. But, I would be cooking my own dinners if I did. Besides, my lawn has more strawberry plants then grass. What I really need is a goat, both for the steep slope of my lawn, mulching capabilities (true mulching into fertilizer) and transportation. How about you ? Do you have a real understanding wife and a bloated expense account ?

We’re rowing the same boat, @dagosa. Except I can’t have farm animals in my neighborhood.