In the market for a Car radio - any tips

The car has 75k. 2000 Acura Integra

I am looking for a car radio - what are some must have features?

My car doesn’t have alarm - any security features that I should look for in a car radio?

I am also interested in DVD & 3" screen??? Will they work even when I drive?


Go to the Crutchfield website. You will find out what fits your car and more than you want to know about every available product.

Crutchfield is to car audio what Tire Rack is to tires.

Why would you want to watch movies while you’re driving? Watch the road.

You really need to give us a budget before we can make any recommendations. Car audio ranges from 25 bucks to over a grand for the head unit.

Are the speakers in your car still intact or do you need to replace them too?

I would also recommend

Must-have features in my opinion for a modern radio:

-High power output (not a big deal if you’re using an external amp or two)
-MP3/WMA/AAC compatible
-USB port
-HD/Satellite radio capable
-MP3 Player/iPOD compatible with radio controls able to operate the device.
-Detachable face or other theft deterrent features.

Perhaps the best way would be to go to a store like Best Buy, look at all the units, see how they sound, try the features, then buy the same unit from Crutchfield. Don’t forget to look at user reviews of the unit–there may be some love/hate features or a certain model may have been DOA.

Crutchfield is nice if you’re doing a DIY installation because they have phone support and include a free wiring harness adapter. They can also tell you if a certain unit will fit your dash within fractions of an inch, and if it will be compatible with remaining audio components in your car and what you will need to do to make it work.

In-dash DVD players will usually not work while you drive, but I’m sure there are hacks to get around this. But do you really need video entertainment every waking moment? There are enough distracted drivers out there.