In the Garage too long

I own a 1970 Karman Ghia Roadster. 1600 Engine. It’s driven infrequently (read low mileage/old oil). I’m in the process of changing the oil, 30W, but would like to “clean out” the engine since the last oil change was several years ago. Most driving consisted of short trips. Are additives the best way to go to clean out the crankcase or should I just change the oil, go on a long run (ie 30W Flush) and refill?

I’d just change it a few times. I’d be more worried about the gasoline, and are the rubber fuel lines in good shape?

I would look at the tire in addition to what texases said. Also My recommendation would be a 10w30 rather than a straight weight oil.

Good points. I use fuel additive and can check the outer parts of the engine. My main concern is what I 'can’t see"

If you can’t drain the tank but you can start it, add stabilizer and RUN dry or to near empty than fill with fresh gas and more stabil. It needs to be run through the system and old gas replaced asap. Don’t drive too far from home and a AAA card. Motor oil is less of a worry than fuel system.

A quick and easy way to flush an engine is to add a quart of kerosene (or mineral spirits) to the warmed up engine, let it idle for 5 minutes and drain it…Have you ever cleaned the filter screen in the oil sump? During the winter 10W-30 is a better choice than #30 oil…

In the garage too long? Old rubber brake lines?

Oil changes are based on miles or time, which ever comes first. You are way past the time limit. I would recommend at least one oil change a year even if it is only driven say 40 miles total.

I would do a drain and refill now and try to get some driving miles on it, like say 40. Then do another. Use 10W30. Straight 30 is not a great idea. It did not meet VW’s recommendations then or now.

Now some personal experience: Have all the brake lines checked. Metal and rubber. Just replace the rubber and I would recommend replacing the metal ones as well. They were not stainless steel. You don’t want to find out that they can rust out and blow out that dual braking system at the same time. I also found out why it is properly call a parking brake and not an emergency brake, as it is totally useless for an emergency. I coasted through a red light at a major intersection at rush hour. Thankfully there were some awake drivers who did the right thing and there was no accident.

These old VW’s motors take only like 3 qts of oil and have no filter. They require frequent oil changes, every 2K miles if I had one. The issue with oil sitting isn’t so much the oil, but any water condensation that is in the oil.

The water can cause rust and it deteriorates the oil. I’d suggest 10W-30 oil when you change, run the car for a few days for errands etc. Then when you are parking it for a “long time” in the garage change the oil before shutting it down. Fresh oil can sit in it for long periods without a problem.