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In search of larger steel wheels for 1990 Mazda B2200

I own a 1990 Mazda B2200 2wd that is easy to get stuck on muddy soil. I would like to find some tires that have a more aggressive tread, but none are available for the 14 inch wheels on the truck. (All I can find in this size (205 75 R14) are “trailer tires”) Does anybody know if larger steel wheels are available to fit this vehicle?

Where are you searching. I played with Google and there seems to be a large selection even found some rated as off road. Frankly , any light weight truck with 2 wheel rear drive is going to perform poorly in mud no matter the tires. Several sand bags in the bed right over the wheels will help.


You could make a frame like this and fill it with concrete blocks

Or get a few of these.


Surf over to and see what they have. Even if you don’t buy your tires there, their web site offers up some pretty good info. I had some problems finding tires that fit my Corolla believe it or not. I used the Tire Rack website to see what’s available that fits, but ended up buying them from a tire dealer in my area, America’s Tire Store. has some good tire info too, but I found them to be very unhelpful when it came time to place an order; hence the choice of America’s Tire Store, who did a very good job. Costco is good for tires too, but they have a pretty limited selection for older vehicles, and didn’t offer any tire that fit my older Corolla.

Tire Rack doesn’t show any truck or off road tires in that size, buy a set of 15" wheels, I suspect most Rangers and B2200s have 15" wheels. With 15" wheels you will be able to buy tires anywhere, in the event that you have to replace a damaged tire.

14" tires are becoming obsolete, I paid nearly $700 for a set of BF Goodrich tires for my Plymouth, I regret not switching to 15" wheels 20 years ago when I purchased 2 new wheels.

If you can’t find All terrain tires in this size you might be able to somehow fit the 15" wheels and tires that came on the 4wd version of these trucks. Have no idea if there’s enough room to be honest.

Tire Rack shows all season tires for the 14" and if you look it up as a 4wd '90 Mazda B series you can choose from several all terrain tires.

Except the early Mazda trucks had 6 lug wheels, 6 on 5.5 bolt pattern and a 4.25 inch center bore, wheels that fit this truck without having the center bore machined out are almost impossible to find

It looks like these trucks weren’t built by Ford until 1994. Tire Rack only shows 16" and 17" wheels for this truck at about $500 a set. Perhaps the salvage yard for 15" wheels is the most affordable route but trucks this old have become rare.

Here is a list of vehicles that have the correct bolt pattern, center bore, and back spacing.
I have no idea of what diameter any of these wheels are, but it might help in finding some wheels.

1979-93 DODGE D-50 & RAM-50, TURBO DIESEL




1977-93 MAZDA 2600 PICKUP
1977-93 MAZDA B-2000, 2200, 2300