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New tires for old car

I have a 1986 Mazda 323, which i bought used 14 years ago, and which is in good condition mechanically.

I need tires for the car, but I’ve been told by two dealers that they no longer make the size (13 inches I believe.) I’ve been advised against buying any such tires I find because, they claim, that they will be old and somewhat prone to cracking, and they offer no suggestions as to what I can do to keep this car on the road.

(It’s not a clunker according to the cash for clunkers definition, because it still gets around 27 mpg, else I’d love to take advantage of that incentive.)

I checked the Tirerack website and indeed the pickings are slim for 155/80R13, but there are a few in that size.

I recently ordered a set for my wife’s Sienna and was satisfied with the service provided. I had my local mechanic install them.

In addition, Sears has 4 tires in that size.|155-80-13&lastFilter=Tire+Size

Ed B.

I would not worry about the age. The tyres, if they are new enough to consider will have an age code on them. Check that out. I also suggest Tirerack. They have a very large selection and good prices. I got my last few tyres there and been happy.

Keep looking. Your car is not the only one that has 13" wheels.

A tire site shows tires for your car. I typed in your vehicle, and several 155/80R13 tires came up. Kumho Power Star 758 is one that is under $40 each. Keep checking your local tire dealers or go to TireRack. I’m sure the TireRack tires will be relatively fresh.

Thank you for the responses! I hope to get them all replaced within a couple of weeks!

What kind of dealers? Most tire dealers and parts stores that do repairs will be happy to sell you 13" tires.