In search of an oil filter for my 1955 Chevrolet Pickup

Sir I have a 1955 Chevrolet pickup 3100 2nd series. It does not have an oil filter. They were an option in those years. I have been looking for one without any success. I have been told I really don’t need one just change the oil more frequently. I put less than a 1000 miles on in a year. What do you think? Do you have any idea were I could find one. Thanks for your time. (6 cylinder 235 engine)

Sounds like a good plan .


At less than a thousand miles a year an annual oil change would most likely be adequate.
Check out a forum for Chevy I6 owners.

Thanks for the info. Stovebolt looks interesting

What does the owners manual recommend? While growing up we had two cars in the family that lacked oil filters, a '50 Pontiac 8cyl. (a filter wasn’t even an option) and a '60 Rambler American, which offered the option. We used straight weight oil and changed it with the seasons (maybe once more in summer), for intervals of ~ 2000mi. and both engines held up well. One could purchase aftermarket bypass filter kits back then (my dad put one in his '36 Plymouth) but at your rate of use I doubt you’d benefit.

My '53 Chevy 2-ton truck has a '54 235 with the filter. Those filters were not full-flow, but rather the bypass type, filtering only a small portion of the flow. The original filter canister assembly was an AC S-6, which can occasionally be found on eBay (2 are listed as of this writing). In addition to the canister and canister mount, hoses would be needed to plumb canister to the engine block. Actual filter elements are easy to find from most of the aftermarket manufacturers.

Here’s an article on the Stovebolt site about oil filters. It even includes some original installation instructions.

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Thanks for the info Ken

The oil change interval in 1955 was 2 months or 1500 miles. It also required a chassis lube at the same interval.

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thank you Keith

Back then you could buy an oil filter kit that used a roll of toilet paper for filtration. IIRC the ads said “change your oil filter for only 10 cents”

A Google search seems to indicate that they are still being made and sold .

There was a Frantz oil filter on the 1962 Chevrolet C10 I owned.