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APEppink, Esq

Re: CarTalk, Antelope Valley Press, Sun., 12/18/2016, '82 Toyota pickup, R-22 engine

I disagree with Ray’s answer. I routinely run my vehicles > 400k miles, tho in time, parts availability can become a problem, even in wrecking yards.

Just keep the engine lube oil pristinely clean - I use Frantz bypass (toilet paper) filters. Never drain oil. Ever. Just change the bypass roll each 5k miles and both filters (main (full flow) and bypass every 10k miles and top off as necessary. Engine oil consumption is minimal. Pull the engine oil filler cap and take a look. The camshaft and engine generally shine like new. Perfectly clean. I used to send off oil samples for spectrographic analysis periodically but it’s proven unnecessary. Keep the other fluid levels topped off also. Don’t let the engine coolant/antifreeze get contaminated over time. Condition/change it as necessary. Beyond that, just keep up with regular maintenance and repair. Gingerbread will fall off in time but, other than that, the lifetime is indefinite.

Nonsense Alert!!


so if I keep up with my car maintenance I get free gingerbread? Sign me up!

I think this guy’s gingerbread has fallen off his napkin.
What I can’t figure out is whether he’s selling toilet paper oil filters or just toilet paper. I can tell you this, his post is full of what toilet paper is designed to deal with. :smile:

Is there a full moon!!![quote=“apeppink, post:1, topic:97588”]
Frantz bypass (toilet paper)
Maybe it’s French (toilet paper), but I thought they just used old Croissants !!!


They still sell the Frantz oil filter?

It seems that it still active and looks to be a 250.00 kit you install yourself.
@cdaquila This thread maybe spam.

And he gets 50 mpg after he installed the Fish carb. Whoops, I,m showing my age again.

Yikes! I wonder if you get a free roll of TP with the “kit”?

Just when I thought that I was the only one who remembered the Fish Canadian carburetor!