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In general, should strut-mounts be replaced along with struts (the dampers/shocks)?

Even though I often drive on the punishing pothole-ridden roads in Manhattan NYC, my 2007 Corolla @ 70,000 miles has given me no indication of needing any suspension work as of yet.

^^^^^useless drivel, the real question is below:

In general, on most cars, in most situations, do you recommend that strut-mounts, which to the best of my understanding, pivots, be replaced when the dampers are?

AFter all, to replace the dampers, you have to disasssemble the whole strut using a spring compressor and all that, it can take a while. Is it advisable to replace the strut-mount? Or do they generally last forever?

Just curious.

I would say normally the mounts are not replaced with normal strut replacement unless they are worn. They don’t last the life of the car but 70K seems a little early. I’ve only replaced them once and that was after doing the struts and then having to go back and do the mounts again. They are not cheap so just depends on their condition when replacing the struts. On shocks, all of the rubber mounts come with the shocks and are replaced so no question there.

I think you’ll get mixed responses on this. I think it’s a judgement call. I think it depends on the age and condition of the mounts. 70K in NYC could easily equal 170K of my daily driving.