Importance of charcoal canister

I’ve been told I need to replace the charcoal canister in my 2002 Toyota Sienna. It will be around $500. How important is it to replace it? So far the only problem, is it takes a bit more time to fill the tank with gas, since the pump keeps shutting off.

Your gas tank breaths in and out though the activated charcoal bed in the canister. If it continues to saturate and a vacuum develops in your gas tank that makes pumping gas difficult for the pump, you may experience operating problems and even premature pump failure.

This is total baloney…When you are refueling, with the fill-cap removed, the tank is vented out the filler neck, NOT the charcoal canister. If you are having a problem refueling, the cause is probably a partially stuck “anti-spill rollover check valve” which is located inside the filler neck. The E-vap system, the carbon canister, only functions when the filler cap is installed and the fuel system sealed…The check-valve can sometimes be freed by running a flexible switch down the filler-neck and freeing the check-ball…

Listen to what’s been said so far.

One last thing…USUALLY the cause is over-filling at the pump. When the pump shuts off…it means the tank is full. Adding more gas can cause raw gas to pour into the vent tube which goes directly to the canister…

This year probably has the Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery feature of the latest evaporative emissions system. The air/vapor mixture forced out of the tank as the fuel goes in passes through the canister and exits above the nozzle restrictor plate. The air exiting the fill pipe goes into the vapor recovery system of the service station pump and tank. The nozzle actually measures the volume of vapor returning and matchs it to the fuel volume going in. If the volumes are unequal the nozzle will click off.

If you do not have a Check Engine light ‘on’, the evaporative emissions system is probably working okey. If the CEL is ‘on’, you will not be able to pass an emissions smog check and will have difficulty registering the van. If the canister has been saturated with raw gasoline, you might have driveability problems until the fuel is consumed. Also it is likely that the evaporative vapors will be exiting the system causing hydrocarbon pollution.

Since this van is less than 8 years old, the canister might be covered under the 8 years and 80k miles emission control warrantee. Check with your owners manual and/or state BAR.

Hope this helps you with your decision.

Worth repeating: Don’t top off the tank when filling. When it clicks off, stop.

Hi Researcher, I have the same problem with my 2002 Sienna which is at about 79k. Dealer told me that the charcoal canister is not covered and gave me estimate of about $700 part/labor including $129 diag charge (which I had to pay). I called Toyota directly to find out the coverage for the canister, the guy first said 8 years and 80k miles when I asked him something in writing to show to the dealer he checked again and said that he made a mistake and its only covered for 3 years 36k miles. It seemed to me as if he was just saying that. Can you (or someone) pls let me know where did you saw the 8year 80k numbers?