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Implications of frame/subframe damage & titles

Those prices are way too high for damaged goods and especially so on the one with the salvage title. Pass on both of them.

A salvage title does not always mean the car is not worth purchasing. It all depends on the purchase price and the extent of the damage. For the right price and with a careful inspection a salvage title vehicle can actually be a good deal.

The last Subaru I owned was on a salvage title for about 8 years because of a broadside front end collision and I put 300k miles on that one after replacing everything from the windshield forward.
The only reason I finally wrote it off was because the differential up front started going out and I had no desire to build a transmission for it at that age and mileage.
Up until it became history the car drove out fine with no quirks or abnormal tire wear, etc.

A good body/frame man can usually inspect and determine if a rebuilt car is straight and solid. The body man might be very PROUD($$$) of his time, though.

My advice, stick with what you know. These guys here that know cars can find the good ones from all the ones with salvage titles and get a bargain. From what I see here is that you would not be able to tell a good one from bad and this dealer is not offering you a bargain.

My daughter is also an accountant who knows very little about cars, but she sure can negotiate and get a good deal on a car, she’s better at that than I am. Find a couple of good clean cars that you like, do your research on their values, make sure you know how each is equipped, which engine it has and exactly which model, then use your business skill to get the best deal.

Its been said that if you know much about cars, you won’t be successful selling them. Based on that, you probably know just as much about cars as the salesman. even though they will try to convince you that they do know cars. Buying and selling cars is a business deal, go with your strengths on this.