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Impala 2003 brakes

Impala 2003 (41,000 miles) rear brakes make loud grinding noise. Disk surfaces are rusted. Turning or replacing rotors helps for a while, but rust and noise return. Same problem four times since new. Dealer says he cannot do any more. Any ideas? Thanks.

A light coating of rust is perfectly normal, and can occur in a matter of hours if it is humid. Normally, this rust is scraped off very quickly when you use the brakes. However, it sounds like your problem goes beyond this. Perhaps the rear brakes aren’t engaging properly. In some cars, you need to use the parking brake to keep the rear brakes adjusted properly, but I have no idea if this applies to your car.

Thanks. I think you are right about the brakes not engaging properly, but I don’t know what to do about it. I have used the parking brake daily since new.