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Imobilizer light stays on when turning key?

The light goes off once I start the car. Could this be a reason why my car is hard to start sometimes? Also whatsup with all these other lights on as well?

is this bad?

THose lights are there to tell you of any problems.

You should read your owners manual.

The light closest to the “6” is there to tell you that you have a problem with the battery or charging system.
When you turn the key to “Run” this light will go on. Once you start the engine the light will stay on until the Computer is satisfied that the charging system is running properly. Then the light will go off.

You should get used to what lights do come on, so if a bulb burns out …you will know.
If you do not fix the bulb, you will never know there is a problem.

I’m not going to go through the rest of the lights…read the manual yourself!!!


What happens exactly when it is hard to start? Does it click but not crank the engine? Does it do nothing at all, no sounds, no cranking? Or does it crank ok, that rrr rrr rrrr sound, but doesn’t or takes a long time to catch and run? 193K miles? How long have you owned it? What’s the model year?

Please look at my other post! .Car has a hard time starting if sitting more then few hours?


Read your owners manual.

Have you fixed the battery and cable problem yet?

I haven’t :frowning:

What is an immobilizer? What does it do and how?

I’m pretty sure it stops thieves from stealing your car. Your key has a chip in it that knows it’s your key. Might have more to it though