I'm Stupid

My wife just brought home a new MDX. She immediately bought aftermarket car mats, and when I noticed the box sitting in the garage I figured I’d install them (the car had about 100 miles on it at that point). Next morning she’s about to leave and comes up from the garage and asks if I know something that would cause the engine to rev extremely high. I didn’t so I went down, looked around, and started the engine. Immediately it revved high (sounded like rev line, but I was too flustered to check), and I shut it right off. Not sure why, but I looked and the gar pedal, and noticed that I’d placed the driver’s mat over the gas pedal, effectively holding it to the floor.

Are two occurrences of flooring a new MDX for a second or two each harmful in any way to the car? Needless to say, I need to start looking into better lighting and/or glasses!

The computer has a rev limiter that prevents the engine from over revving and damaging the engine.



I’m more worried about those aftermarket mats causing problems later on by repeating this while driving. Does the driver’s mat have a hold-down that prevents it from sliding around? If not, I wouldn’t use it.

Thanks, texaxes, but the mats weren’t the problem: I was. I literally covered the pedal with the mat, holding it to the floor (picture a dimly lit garage at night). Once installed correctly, the mats clear the pedal with ample space so the pedal can operate normally.

@think3mm - What is being asked is - Do the after market mats have clip to hold the drivers side mat in place like most of the factory floor mats do . That is so they won’t slide forward and bunch up under the brake pedal or interfere with the accelerator .
If they don’t I would not use them.

Ideally you should keep the RPMs down while a car is still breaking in, but I think the effects of two quick occurrences aren’t enough to worry about.

When a vehicle comes into the service department with;

Aftermarket floor mats that don’t fit,

Floor mats that can’t be secured to the floor hooks,

Double stacked floor mats,

The floor mats are removed and placed in the trunk as per corporate instructions (Toyota).

I’ve had the driver’s front mat come loose on my Lincoln a few times and cause a brief, temporary problem.
And the factory Lincoln mats have an eyehole and hook on the floor to hold them in place. Just shows nothing in life is guaranteed and that anything can happen safety hooks or not.

Naw. I dropped my wife off at the dealer to pick up our new TL some years ago. She reported that she had driven about ten miles on the way home wondering why the engine was so noisy. She discovered she was in low gear. I think the car had 7 or 15 miles on it. We traded at about 60K with no problems at all.

But maybe as good as the after-market mats are, there are none better than the actual Acura winter mats. They fit perfect and are very heavy with sides to contain the slush, just like Weather-tech. Really they aren’t that much more.