Illegal sign switch

about a year ago, the town changed a speed limit sign that read 40 MPH, to 35 MPH. wich is immediatly after a round-about (the only one in town). looking for funds, the police always had a car on that street, usually in someones driveway, waiting for the un-aware.

they marked the sign change with an orange flag.

it turns out, 6 months later, that it was discovered that the town did not file any paper work to legally change the sign. even though the DMV is 50 feet away, and on the same street.

the police collected nearly $200,000 in tickets (or 2 mil. cant remember). and it was brought up, that since the sign change was not legit, that the ticket money be returned to the people.

that didnt happen.

what do you think should have happened? I would like to hear what you have to say.

Which town is it?

I believe that at at last in Ohio you need to contest it befor you pay. After that it is too late.

Paperwork should be completed with the town making it official.

The problem is not unique. Here in NH we have countless 10 mph and 20 mph signs and it was recently publicised that except around public schools and a few specified areas, state law specifically prohibits speed limits lower than 30 mph on public roads. The ones around the colleges, the priate schools, even the ones in the tollbooths, are unenforcable according to the srticle in the paper.

I think it should be refunded. If you think about the additional costs that cannot be recouped like points assessed to people’s driver’s licenses and insurance increases etc, it’s only partial restitution. Without pain, the town will not have learned a lesson.

I recall reading something awhile back about speed traps and some laws that control the distance required before the speed change can be enforced. A driver must have sufficient time to see the upcoming speed change and be able to reasonably react in order for it to be enforceable. Typically, they are after “out-of-towners” who are unlikely to contest these bogus charges and just pay the fees.

This is small potatoes compared to some of the more egregious offenses that have come to light. They had some national news about a small Texas town that was confiscating people’s money and property after traffic stops and not returning it. Check out the follow-up here:

I agree with you TwinT, and I too thought of the assessed points, but in reality it’s likely to end up as one of those “wrongs” in life that just needs to be accepted.

They should petition the DMV for the change and suspend writing tickets immediately.


Wisconsin rapids WI. the town seats also control 2 othe towns on the same river. but seperate police and fire stations. we live out in the sticks near them.