I'll be a diamond someday

Also, I would debate the website’s claim that the true essence of my loved ones is their carbon.

Interestingly, I watched a Nova special recently with Neal DeGrasse Tyson wherein he visited a place that makes diamonds of gem quality and size…except much more flawless than mined diamonds. The structure is almost perfect and without flaws. The end products can be cut, polished, and are real diamonds in every physical and chemical sense.

As part of the show, they took gem sized manufactured diamonds (cut and polished) and mined diamonds of excellent quality to the finest diamond experts in New York for examination. The experts there, the finest in the world, could only tell the manufactured diamonds because they could detect no imperfections.

If I recall, the process was developed for the space program or perhaps astrophysics research, something to do with analysis of light. Perhaps a perfect, flawless prism that could withstand extreme environments, I’m not sure.

The show is very enlightening. I’d recommend it if you get a chance.

The Russians make em out of natural gas-I believe,can make them up to 3 carats-Kevin

These ash piles will be a legacy for a long time,I actually like the smell of small amounts of coal smoke anyway-the main reason oil replaced coal in trains it was better not cheaper and I do not see how Nox emissions can be controlled from coal combustion easily-Kevin