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Ignition wire&boot protectors

Hi,I have headers on my vette I saw wire&boot protectors they were called koolsoxs they say they protect 1200 degrees,I have the original aluminum sheilds on my wires do I need these? and if so do they fix over the sheilds and cover the boot to?

I hope it is not getting that hot under there. A better solution is to keep the heat out from under the hood. Ceramic coated headers or exhaust wrap stop a lot of heat.

Is your engine burning up its ignition wires? Have you not had the car long enough to tell?

Hi oldschool,no my ignition wires are not burning up,I have just added the headers and did not want any problems.

Hi jsutter,No it is not real hot under there but i had just added the headers and did not want any problems.Thanks for the info i will try the heat wrap if i see a need too.

The effect of headers can cause you to learn new cuss words. You should be concerned with starter heat soak,not wanting problems and equiping a car with headers doesn’t happen. Watch for the bolts to loosen up (there are lock rings to prevent this,gasket life problems may come your way.