Ignition Trouble with Subaru 1993 Loyale

I had no idea that when I named this car “Dolores”, the Spanish language significance (pains, sufferings etc) would describe her so well. It’s always something with this old hag! Right now my problem is that the car will often not start. I replaced the starter and thought I had fixed the problem, but now every so often, usually after driving for more than twenty minutes, pausing, and trying to start her again, the ignition seems to not work. There is no turning-over sound, just a low electrical humming when you turn the key. Also, there seems to be a clicking or clock-like ticking sound that comes from down by the transmission when the key is in the “on” position, but not all the way turned to “start”. The only suspect issue that may be a clue has to do with the safety lock on the auto transmission. It has always been a little tricky to get the car in and out of park (by pushing a little button).

Any help would be much appreciated!