Ignition key won't go in

It is getting harder and harder to put the key in the switch and have it turn to start the car - now, I need a hair brush to klonk it so it will go in. Any suggestionsā€¦ next step will be a small hammer. I called the dealer and he said hit it so it will go in :frowning: I would leave it in the ignition but that is not smart if I still want a car to drive.

have you tried some wd40?

I will try anything at this pointā€¦ I will let you know if it works, Thanks.

The WD 40 did not work it took me 25 minutes to reinsert the key having to use a hammer:-( so I bit the bullet and got a cylinder from the dealer Who knew that it would be over 100 dollars for a key to be fixed ? Now I need to put it in - altho they did key it to the old key so I did not have to carry around two keys one for the ignition and one for the door ā€¦ extra $10 it figures :slight_smile: