Dodge Key-Sticking Problem

Discussions in other places on the web identified my problem: a frozen ignition swith that wouldn’t turn. They suggested rapping the key with a rubber mallot, which worked. They also suggested replacing the switch. Rather than reward Dodge by buying another switch, why can’t I spray silicon or some other lubricant into the keyhole? Are there exposed electronics that could be damaged? Please help: I’m looking for a cheap way out! THANKS!

I’ve already replace my switch, twice. According to a locksmith I contacted, Dodges are notorious for this. His recommendation was to spray WD-40 into the cylinder every 6 months. I think the lock was about $35 and it wasn’t difficult to replace - look for a Haynes car manual.

You want to see a locksmith BEFORE the lock fails COMPLETELY…If the key will still turn replacing the lock cylinder is a relatively simple and inexpensive process. Once it jams up and the key no longer works, serious money is required…The actual ignition switch is usually located remotely from the column lock, way down the steering column by the brake pedal arm…

Never ever use WD-40 in a lock. Sure it will fix the lock, but it is only a temporary fix and each time it is used, it build up more and more gunk from the WD-40.

WD is a Water Displacement. That it does well, but spay it on a lock and it may clean off some dirt and the lock may start working, but as it dries it will leave a sticky coating that will collect more dirt and cause sticking of the lock parts. The more often you use the the worse it gets.

Just buy some Lock Ease (the liquid in it will fully evaporate (zero residue) or often better, get a “zero residue” cleaner and clean it out and then use a dry lube for locks, (graphite).

It is also possible that it may be worn or damaged.  In that case, you may need to follow Caddyman's recommendation depending on the current condition.  

Additional note:  I just noticed you have replaced the lock twice already, that makes it likely that you are going to need a real locksmith for this one as Caddyman suggested.