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Ignition going out when ths MPG was reset

I reset the MPG on the dash computer and the car died and won't. Start. Any suggestions?

Just an educated guess but this sounds unrelated to the non starting problem. Does the starter turn over or do you just get clicking sounds? Or is it completely dead with no noises at all?


It turns over but no spark. The car is new to us and I suspect. A previous owner. Should. Have been. Encouraged not to work on cars.

I replaced the coil and the fuel is making it to the manafold as far as I can tell.

@Hostage so you replaced the coil and you still have no spark?
Have you verified this with a spark tester?
You said “fuel is making it to the manifold as far as I can tell” . . . are we to believe you can hear the fuel pump buzzing?
Connect a fuel pressure gauge to the rail. Cycle the key a few times. You should have fuel pressure.
Is the antitheft LED flashing when you crank over the engine?
Have you tried using another key?
What kind of Volvo is this?
What engine?
How many miles?