Ignition Control Module

How would I change the ignition control module on a 1997 monte carlo z34?

i’ve never changed an i.c.m. onyour type of car,but i have changed them on others(oldsmobile).look for your coil pack(spark plug wires will be plugged in to them).remove the wire harness(should be a little screw).unplug the coil pack,the i.c.m.should lift right off.

i forgot to mention,you will probably have to unbolt the coils.sorry

Yeah, they should be allen head screws holding the coil to the module. Depending on the type, be ready for all the heads to shear off in the process. Don’t think you can get in there with a little PB Blaster.

i would think either a "torx"head screw,or a small metric bolt