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Iginition switch

Would a bad ignition switch in a LaSabre 2001 act like this? Car started rough, and didn’t turn over. Sounded like when I have to increase the throttle on my riding mower. (car clueless female is typing this - sorry about the uneducated descriptions) I tried to start about 5 times. Each time it got progressively rougher and died quicker. Later tried and it clicked, tried and it clicked, tried and heard nothing. Power locks, windows, all didn’t work - seems like no power. Security light still blinked on the dash. I’m on my second mechanic, it’s been towed three times, out $750, so far.Second mechanic thinks first one may have put in a faulty ignition switch cause the fuse keeps blowing. Thank heavens I haven’t been stranded… yet. Does this sound like an ignition switch problem?

It may be a weak battery, or poor connection on wires from the battery, to switches, to starter and other things you want to power. If the battery is four years old, or more, change it. You can have the battery and alternator check, for free, at some auto parts stores. Just ask.

It sounds like you STILL need a mechanic…one for whom “testing of electrical circuits” isn’t considered a foreign language.