If you lease a car, do you have to take part in a recall campaign becaue you don't own the car?

Leasing is different than renting. You are the registered owner.

The dealer is about 15 miles away at the most. I have not received a formal notice yet. I have not removed the floor mat yet becuase I don’t just hop in my car and put the mat up. I get in my car kinda relaxed and don’t step hard on the floor mat. I’ve owned this car about a year and haven’t had a problem with any acceleration or floor mat issue. I do have another question: From my observations, the sport pedals that I do have seem to be shorter than the stock ones? Next time I get a stock camry or a camry with stock pedals, I’ll have to look at it and see. You can look at the sport pedals here: www.caradvice.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2006/…

What you can do is call them and ask them whether your vehicle is part of the campaign, they will ask for your VIN #. Give them the vin# and they will run it in their computer and tell you for sure of any outstanding campaigns due on it. Please dont overlook a campaign, especially a safety campaign, the manufacturers put them out for a reason, for the safety of you and others.

Good luck with it.