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If mice can't get into the muffler, cut the tailpipe instead, don't cut off the muffler!

The dual exhaust cleared mice out if one tailpipe, and their suggestion was to cut the muffler off go to midas. I don’t know how many times Tom or Ray… Digress
Which one looks like Mario, and which one looks and sounds like the rat on Beakmans world?
Said the mice probably cant get through the muffler!
So why are you cutting off the muffler?
Cut off the tailpipe and clean it out with a pipe snake, reattach or get a new tailpipe, put on and save the muffler and save some bucks!

Rat pop and their nests can get as hard as a rock and become imbedded in any material with holes or pours material. It likely jammed up the muffler. Yep cut em both off and put on cherry bombs.