If is this legit

i got a second car since my first one started to have problems. Remember the second one still needs to paid off. the dealer said i can get 2 but if the bank calls to tell them i trade it in and this is after 2 days after i got it. i did not pay attention to the thing and i was like ok. Now under my contract the car is listed as traded in. Can I just take my old car back to them and get it over with? also my new car has some issues. Can I lemon law it? Already was fixed ones and still has issues.

C’mon, does this really make sense to you if you re-read what you wrote?

They used to believe that if an infinite number of people typed randomly on an infinite number of computers, that eventually a literary work of art would be produced. The internet has since proven that theory wrong…

If your post is true than what you’ve done is committed fraud. With a bank. In collusion with the car dealer.

If I understand your post correctly, the first one (that started having problems) is owned by you outright, with no outstanding loan? Who does the state recognize as the legally registered owner, you or the dealer? Did you sign the title over to the dealer?

NOTE: if you owe on both cars, you need to talk with the bank and tell them what you’ve done. Or you’re toast.

Isn’t this how the sub prime mortgage worked. the dealer said i can get 2 but if the bank calls to tell them…

Sort of. It was “just write down that you make this much and don’t worry about the rest”.

Your first problem is, “i did not pay attention” Fix that one and the rest should work itself out.

I have to agree with Twin Turbo that it is really difficult to deduce exactly what the OP is trying to tell us. And, if the fact pattern is extremely unclear, how can we provide an answer to the question?

Even the title of the post, “if is this legit”, is a bit of an enigma.

Perhaps if he/she attempted to repost the information in a more understandable format, then some valuable responses might result.

You should totally, like, lemon law it.

Go back to the dealer . . . ask for you old car back with the title . . . tell them to call the lender while you are there, then get a copy of the contract and lending documents marked cancelled . . . then sign over the title (if you got one) for the 2nd car . . . to the dealer. Tell them you want your money back. One more thing . . . tell them that you are not going to be party to this type of transaction and if they fail to comply you will go directly to the District Attorney and repeat this scenario. You may still be innocent of fraud, but you have to show that you attempted to extricate yourself from this as soon as you suspected that it was not legal. Take a witness with you and take good notes. Rocketman

I did not sign the tittle, but is in the contract. Also after a few days they told me to tell the bank that I did trade the car in. And now the second car is not traded in and i still got a loan on it. I start to think that the dealer told the bank I did and put it in the contract. Can I just take my old car back to them and make them pay the loan off, or take the new car back?

I agree, what this dealer is trying to do is fraud. He is getting your loan approved by falsely claiming the old car loan in being paid off. This is very illegal, you need to either have him do a legitimate loan deal or get out of the deal completely.

this is what got me thinking too… and i did tell tell the bank i will trade it in

Maybe you should just stick with a bicycle, one you pick up at a garage sale for $20…

the lemon law is like oranges and apples but it only applies to the same repairs that are not done but sins you didt relly get rid of ur first car you sort of like lied to the bank 4 money now just becuz u dont want the new car the deeler will nvr let u just cancl the deal u shld probly pay attn to the details or bring someone who can speak, read and understand the english language next time!

I think that cappy has given the most appropriate response, by far. When in Rome…

sounds like the dealer is dinking around with the floor plan and is pulling something. you’re of legal age to sign a written contract? and yet appear to be perfectly willing to go along with what they’re trying to do.

forget the lemon law; it’s not going to apply.
you also did not state what kinds of cars or problems exist but my wildest guess would be that you’re dealing with one of those BHPH (buy here, pay here) lots.

FIRST THING MONDAY: go to your local legal aid society, explain your situation, hope for the best. Recommend all explanations spoken not written.

Had a similar experience when I was young. Girlfriend (now my wife) and I both needed cars. Went to a lot and bought two cars…both on my credit and I was making min. wage! Of course the banks didn’t know that I bought 2 cars, and it was suggested that I not say much if I talked to them. Didn’t even think about it till much later…but I got a better job and dug our way out of that!

Give this person the prize for best answer. Kudos.