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Idle Surge for 1999 Ford

1999 Ford Taurus; 120K miles.

experiencing significant idle surge; rpm at ignition is close to 2000, then drops to 600 after a minute; at idle at traffic lights, it jumps between 600 and 1200 RPM.

I’m curious if this is an expensive problem to fix (approximate cost)?

can I keep driving if I don’t mind the surge?

It sounds like an Idle Air Control circuit problem. And because this is a Ford, of that year, with that many miles, with this problem, I would replace the Idle Air Control motor. Because IAC motor is hunting for the correct position. You’re lucky it lasted this long.


thanks. sounds like replacing the Idle Air Control motor isn’t such an expensive proposition; parts and labor for less than $200?

If you do-it-yourself!