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I want to know difficult to fix

I have dodge ram 1500 4X4 2001. Wan I driving on 4 wheel drivthe wheel to the RL thy making a sound from the front wheels. The sounde and turn is like the differential is not rudest the spied between the wheel.(Wan I derived whit out FWD is didn’t do any sound)


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If you operate the truck in 4WD on paved roads you will hear all sorts of bad noises. 4WD is only intended for use while driving off road or in snow.

I agree with mc…sounds like the problem is not knowing when to (or not to) use 4WD…4WD is only for slippery surfaces…(i.e. loose gravel, snow, ice, dirt paths)

the point is, never use 4WD on dry paved surfaces, ever.

The only time you should use 4WD with this truck is if you are already stuck, or are going to be driving in very low traction situations, like on ice, unplowed snowy roads, and mud. If you use it on pavement, you will hear all sorts of bad noises and will eventually break something expensive. If you want to engage 4WD when you don’t need it, you need to get a vehicle with a center differential or vicious coupling. Many late model Chevy trucks have that (the “Auto 4WD” mode). NEVER use your 4WD in the rain. It could cause you to spin out and crash instead of simply binding up and breaking stuff like it will on dry pavement.

Safety and 4wd on pavement (be it rain or no rain) is speed dependant. Don’t feel that you cant travel 50yards in 4wd if you keep the speed to a crawl (some people will interpet comments to mean if a tire briefly touches pavement while 4wd is engaged their truck destructs).

Myself I engage 4wd before I get stuck (dirt road policy)

I have no idea what the OP is asking.