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98 Blazer 4 Wheel Drive

My girlfriend recently aquired one of these vehicles. Because it came with no owners manual she would like to know the dos and donrs of operating a 4 wheel drive.
I think you engage and dis-engage only while standing still, right? Also I believe it is a no no to drive very far on dry pavement. Any other tips?

A couple that come to mind

  1. Don’t use 4WD on dry or even wet pavement. Pavement doesn’t have enough “give” in it compared to snow/dirt/mud to prevent the drivetrain from binding up when you turn. Using 4WD on pavement is a good way to break a U-joint.

  2. You can engage 4Hi whilst moving, however to engage 4Lo you must be stopped and you must put the transmission in neutral before it will engage.

  3. 4WD helps give you better traction, it doesn’t help you stop any better though.

  4. Don’t wait until you are stuck to engage 4WD.

  5. On some models, the hubs won’t disengage until you gone about 10-20 feet in the reverse direction you were traveling. For example, if you were moving forward, you would have to shift back into 2WD and then reverse a few feet in order for the auto-hubs to unlock.

no 4wd on dry pavement, you must be in neutral to shift to 4lo and stopped or at least under like 3 mph but i always stop going into 4 lo, you can shift from 2wd to 4wd hi while driving down the road. if you havent already done it i would have the ball joints checked out very common failure on these rigs i have changed a ton of them.